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SFERES audits could be set up for quality as well as security or safety matters. They are performed in France as abroad and aimed to highlight structure or disposal defaults and to propose solutions to improve quality and security. SFERES soon realized several kinds of audits for administrative, banking, mining, logistical or hotel structures. These audits allowed to create several frames of reference following the objectives of each audit and the specificities of each sector of activity they apply. Quality audits specifically allow to establish a diagnostic from an internal or external frame of reference.

Safety and security audits are applied to facilities, employees and informations. They could also be followed by further technical audits or solutions and consciousness raising campaigns.

The audits could also be applied to maritime transportation companies, seaport administrations and service providers in accordance with ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) rules or to logistics in accordance with Authorised Economic Operator rules.
SFERES could also perform computer safety solutions, flaw searching or detection measures.

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